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Rhythms Productions Tom Thumb® Music

Rhythms Productions Tom Thumb® Music

About Us

Who We Are

Rhythms Productions/Tom Thumb® Music was begun by Ruth S White, and has been publishing books, music, and educational material for over 70 years. 

Our products have won Parents Choice awards and American Library Association notable recording awards.

What We Do

We've worked with individuals, homeschoolers, school districts,  libraries, and more to create material with a solid foundation to teach reading, math, concepts, and dance through music. 

Our Materials

We start at birth bringing you  lullabies sung by Marilyn  Horne, and  our series, Watch Me Grow™,  presenting music and games  that enhance a child's abilities for growth and development at each age.

We've created music and books to teach basic concepts, such as heavy/light, near/far, up/down, etc. 

We created a series for learning  to read and do math, Activity Songs, First Folk Dances, Mother Goose, and Singing Games.  Please take a look at our complete catalog to see  more of what we offer.